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3 steps to get the most out of bandsintown manager


1. import your venue

When you sign in to Bandsintown Manager with your personal Facebook account, you can import and manage any venue that you are an admin or editor of on Facebook. Here you can edit aspects of your Bandsintown profile including profile photo, venue address, and more to come.

2. publish your events

You can easily publish your events on Bandsintown using the Bulk Upload feature* or by adding an individual event manually. Once published, your event will automatically be added to your venue page on the Bandsintown Concerts app. Unless the artist playing at your venue has disabled imported events or has already published the same event themselves (in which case theirs takes priority), your event will be added to their artist page and notified to all their trackers, in order to ensure maximum visibility and bring as many fans as possible to your venue.

bulk upload.png

* Please be sure to use our new Bulk Upload template spreadsheet for venues, which you can download from Bandsintown Manager after clicking on Add Event then Bulk Upload.

3. promote to fans

Fans already tracking an artist playing at your venue will receive notifications when that artist publishes an event or lets yours be imported and published on their page. You can extend the reach to many more fans by creating promotional campaigns using the Promote feature in Bandsintown Manager, which lets you target all fans of similar artists and specify the area to cover. Try it out!


For more help on setting up your venue on Bandsintown, visit our venue FAQ page.