Post to trackers

Bandsintown lets you post messages and photos to your fans: all eligible trackers are notified immediately by email or mobile push notification. Go ahead and tell your fans:

  • how much you love them
  • when you have exclusive codes for VIP packages
  • when you have new dates to announce
  • when you find a throwback photo from your first tour
  • anything you want!

1. Go to the message composer

Go to the Home tab in Bandsintown and find the Post to Bandsintown message composer. Select Your Trackers

2. Type your message

Type the message or upload the photo you wish to share with your trackers. Note that messages are limited to 1,000 characters.

3. Post to your trackers

Once your message is ready, click on Post to send it to your trackers. You can send as many posts as your want.

4. Monitor results

After sending your message, you can learn more about the reach and impressions by clicking on the Insights tab in Bandsintown.

Note: insights are updated every 48 hours.

Check our Help Center if you need help.