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The Events widget lets you easily list your tour information and ticket links on your website and is synchronized with your Bandsintown Manager account. Just like on Bandsintown, your visitors can see where you're performing next and get tickets without leaving your site. This widget automatically matches the color scheme on your website but you can also fully customize it to fit your exact taste.


There's a new & improved version of our widget available! Welcome to v2, with benefits including:

  • Higher quality performance
  • Scalability
  • Clean design
  • Supported version

Please note: our widget v1 will no longer be supported in the coming months. Scroll below to see which version you have and make your switch now! Site powered by Squarespace or Wix? There is no update required. If you use WordPress, check your administration interface to verify that you are using the latest version of the Bandsintown Plugin.


upgrading your widget from v1 to v2

1. Identify which version you're using (v1 old or v2 new)

You can do this two ways:

a) Go to the live events widget on your artists' website and hover over the Tickets button or RSVP button. If you see the following codes in the URL at the bottom of your browser,

  • RSVP Button Code: 39
  • Ticket Button Code: 166

This means you're using version 1 and will need to switch to version 2 (scroll to number two below for directions).

b) View the page source of your artist's website and do a find+search for "bandsintown" and look for the below:

  • bit_widget.js (this means the artist is using version 1 and you will need to switch to version 2--scroll to part two below for directions)
  • main.min.js (this means the artist is using version 2--great work!)

2. Installing the Bandsintown Events Widget v2 (Latest version)

Grab the code for your new widget version below (customize first!), then copy and use it to replace the current events widget code in your artist's website back end.

How to: Install the latest version of the Bandsintown Events Widget

1. Customize your widget

Pick the artist page you want to use with the Events widget and customize the widget.

2. Get your code

Click the Get Code button to generate your Events widget code.

3. COPY & PASTE to your website

Copy and paste the snippet into the HTML of your website.

Need more customization?

In addition to the settings above, you can also change the following:

Setting Name

HTML5 Attribute



Artist Name


The name of the artist for which to show events.


Text Color


Text color for the event data. HTML color code (hex or name).


Link Color


Color for the “upcoming” / “past events” links as well as the event buttons. HTML color code (hex or name).


Link Text Color


Text color for the event buttons. HTML color code (hex or name).


Background Color


Background color for the widget. HTML color code (hex or name).


Popup Background Color


Popup background color for the widget. HTML color code (hex or name).


Separator Color


Color for the separators between events in the list. HTML color code (hex or name).




Font for the widget.


Widget Width


Width in pixels or percentage. Width in CSS format is "350px" or "50%". Switches to mobile friendly layout at 414px.


Display Limit


Number of shows to display. A Show All Dates" link will appear below the concerts to expand the list if the limit is exceeded.

Show all

Display Local Dates


If set to true, the browser will prompt the user for location information and show local events at the top of the event list.


Display Past Dates


If set to true, shows past dates in addition to upcoming dates.




If set, the widget will always display in the chosen language. English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Portuguese and Italian are supported via the following language codes: en, es, de, fr, ja, pt, it.

Detects browser language

Auto Style


If set to true, the widget will use the parent page's styling to "guess" at good options for its styling: any additional specified options will take precedence over auto style options.


Div ID


Specifies a div for the widget render inside. If not specified, the widget will be rendered in the location of the <a> tag.


Facebook Page ID


Used to lookup an artist by Facebook page ID. If found, the artist with the matching page ID will be used, otherwise the artist name will be used: the data-artist-name property is still required when using this option. Formatted as a number or string.


Afill Code


A word to identify your application, company or band. Formatted as a string.

“js_(website domain name)”

App ID


You may specify a word to identify your application, company or band. Formatted as a string.

“js_(website domain name)”

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