Bandsintown Manager's Bulk Editing Feature Has Arrived

Uploading a large amount of tour dates to Bandsintown just got way easier.


Our new Bulk Upload feature has arrived and will help artists easily upload tour dates in several ways: 

  • The new Bulk Upload will streamline the tour date publishing process by allowing artists and managers to upload their spreadsheet directly into Bandsintown Manager

  • The tool gives immediate feedback on errors or missed information

  • It also allows for editing before submitting

  • You can now edit more fields

  • You can now include past dates

  • You can now update event photos all at once


How to Use the New Bulk Upload

  1. Login to Bandsintown Manager at

  2. Click the drop-down arrow next to "Add New Event" and select “Bulk Upload”.

  3. You will then be directed to our new Bulk Upload page where you can download our new sample template (please note that the format requirements and columns are a bit different), fill it out with your information, and then submit it.

  4. Once you submit, you will be brought to Draft Mode where you can see any errors and fix them before publishing.

  5. Once you have edited all of your information just click "Publish" and the dates should be published automatically.


Please note: Only managers and artists with access to Bandsintown Manger can use the new Bulk Upload. The Bulk Upload email option will still be available for venues and promoters who want to add their events to Bandsintown. If you have any trouble or questions please email