How to get the most out of Bandsintown!

1. claim your artist page

Many artists already have pages on Bandsintown followed by fans who are waiting to hear from you! And no worries if you don't already have a page, you can easily create one. Follow these steps to claim your artist page and these steps to create your artist page.

After that make sure to fill out your profile completely so your fans stay up-to-date. Also check your Settings to connect your social media pages and decide if you want to sync with Facebook Events, display the lineup or automatically publish imported events*!

*Bandsintown relies on a number of partners and data sources, including ticketing companies (Ticketmaster, AXS, Eventbrite, Ticketfly, Seetickets and many more), booking agencies, promoters, and venues, to import events that are then published on artist pages and announced to the fans. Artists have the option to turn off Publish Imported Events regarding events that have been imported from sources outside of their own manual updates. This tool allows artists and managers to review the information before the event is published to their page. Any new events that come in will be added as "Pending" indicated by grey text and you will need to click "Approve" to set them live. Make sure to check your Pending Events often so you don't miss sharing your events with fans!

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2. add your events

Add new events or upload your entire tour in just a few clicks. We’ll notify all of your trackers and recommend you to even more music lovers!

Adding a single event:

From the Home section select your artist, then click the Add Event button to open a new event form. Venue name, city/country, and event date are mandatory fields.

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When you're done, hit the Save button: congratulations, you've just added your first event to your Bandsintown page. We will immediately notify all your trackers by email and mobile push notification.

You can also choose to Save as Draft if you need to revisit it later: it will not be published but will remain accessible to you under Pending Events.

Or you can Schedule for Later if your event is ready but you want to delay your announcement with the Announcement Date toggle.

Adding multiple events at once:

You can easily add multiple events at once by using our Event Upload feature. From the Home or Events section, click the Upload button, then download the template spreadsheet and fll in the columns of the spreadsheet (be sure to follow the instructions), and save your work. When ready, click on the third box to upload your spreadsheet, then hit Upload!

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For more information about the Event Upload please see this article.

3. Sync to your website

Use our Events Widget to easily display events from Bandsintown straight to your website. Features include:

  • easy copy-paste integration, no coding involved
  • completely customizable to your website design
  • choose to display local events, past events, lineup
  • interactive links including Tickets, RSVP, and Play My City buttons
  • fully synchronized with Bandsintown

Web Integrations

If you're using Squarespace, Wix, or WordPress, we have just the tools you need to easily integrate your events to your website. Click here!

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Convert website traffic into trackers

Add the Track Button to your website to convert website visitors into trackers you can engage with.

You can also share your Bandsintown artist page on your social networks, or include your artist tracking link: bandsintown.com/track/[yourartistname]

4. Share your events on social media

events landing page

The Events Landing Page is an auto-generated, shortened URL that’s unique to your artist’s upcoming events! Share it on Instagram swipe-up, Facebook and Twitter posts, and anywhere you want to promote pre-sales, on-sales, and VIP tickets. Bandsintown’s Events Landing Pages are as easy to use as copy-and-pasting. Simply head to Bandsintown and access your unique link by clicking the circle symbol next to upcoming events on your Home page and by clicking the Share button next to Upcoming Events on your Events page. Check out this article for more details.

Check out success stories from artists like Maroon 5, Beck, Tech N9ne, Interpol, Fantasia and many more!

Features include:

  • Unique URL that will not change, so feel free to re-use it whenever you want to promote more events
  • Dynamic content that will display any and all events that are listed under “Upcoming Events” in your Bandsintown account
  • When you have no upcoming event, your Events Landing Page will still invite your fans to track you on Bandsintown so you can re-target them with posts to trackers
  • Analytics on the performance of your Events Landing Page through the Insights tab on Bandsintown

5. talk to your core fans

post messages to your trackers

Want to tell your fans how much you love them? Share exclusive content with them, like codes for VIP packages? Are you preparing to announce new dates? Or want to share a throwback photo from your first tour? Use Bandsintown to post all your messages and photos to your fans: all eligible trackers are notified immediately by email and/or mobile push notification and the post will be visible on your artist page on the web and in the app!

WTM - PTT.png

post messages to your rsvps

Use Bandsintown to engage more specifically with fans who have RSVP'd to your events. Remind them to grab tickets for the show, meet you at the merch booth after your set, or scoop up your record after the set!

6. Learn from Insights

Click on the Insights tab on Bandsintown to get started. Our analytics tool helps you explore concert-going trends & assess fan demand by geographic location. You can find out how many users viewed your messages and how ticket clicks are progressing, all in one place! Check it now (available to all artists with 100 trackers or more).

  • Tracker & RSVP Map
  • Top 100 Cities
  • Message Reach and Views
  • Weekly Ticket Clicks
  • Tour Date stats & more!
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7. Add your events to Facebook

Syncing with Facebook and installing the Bandsintown Tour Dates tab to your Facebook page is an easy, effortless way to create more buzz, generate more ticket sales and convert followers into trackers! The Bandsintown Tour Dates tab helps increase event exposure to all of your Facebook followers and keeps your Facebook page up to date and in sync with your Bandsintown artist page. Find out more information here!


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