Bandsintown API

Bandsintown API

The Bandsintown API is designed for enterprise partners with websites, media players, and/or mobile applications that would like to provide their users with the ability to RSVP to and share artist’s Bandsintown events - driving users back to their own website or application.

The primary use of the Bandsintown API is to enable partners to perform these actions on their own website or application by providing them with the necessary Bandsintown event IDs connected to the real artists.

The Bandsintown events are created in a systematic way by working directly with our partners, artists, and fans.

Important notice:

The Bandsintown API v2 is being deprecated. In order to continue using the API, you must upgrade to the Bandsintown API v3.

Click here to learn more about the upgrade.


1. PICK application id

Pick an application ID: it can be anything, but should be a word that describes your application or company. Once you have chosen your ID, contact us to let us know what you have planned.

Note: in order to access the Bandsintown API, you must have written consent from Bandsintown Inc. Any other use of the Bandsintown API is prohibited.

2. Get code

Select the option you wish to use and customize the API to your chosen artist and click on Execute to render the corresponding code. For further explanation, follow the instructions on the API website.

3. Customize

Use our Models at the bottom of the API page in order to further customize the Bandsintown API.

Click here if you need help.