Bandsintown API

Bandsintown API

The Bandsintown API is designed for enterprise partners and artists with websites, media players, and/or mobile applications that would like to list an artist’s events and provide their users with the ability to buy tickets and RSVP to these events.

It offers read-only access to artist info and artist events:

  • artist info: returns the link to the Bandsintown artist page, the link to the artist photo, the current number of trackers and more
  • artist events: returns the list of events including their date and time, venue name and location, ticket links, lineup, description and the link to the Bandsintown event page

Note you can specify if you only want to return upcoming events, past events, all events, or events within a given date range.


1. Request your personal application id

In order to use the Bandsintown API, you must have written consent from Bandsintown Inc. Any other use of the Bandsintown API is prohibited. Email us at support@bandsintown.com to tell us what you plan to do and request your personal application ID. If you work for an artist please include your artist's name and website URL. If you are a student please include your professor's name and email address and the name of your school.

2. Check out our technical documentation

Click on the API DOCUMENTATION button below to find out about the API methods available and the format of the API responses. Select the mthod you wish to use and try it out online with the app ID provided to you.

3. Implement and customize

Call our Bandsintown API with the app ID provided straight from your website or back-end platform and choose which element of the API response you wish to display. Scroll to the bottom of our API DOCUMENTATION to find out about the Models used.

Need help? Contact us at ArtistSupport@bandsintown.com or via the chat box in the bottom right corner of this page and we’ll be happy to assist you.